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Hello my arty crafty friends. It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. Too long if I was to believe that my success as blogger depended on being more consistent, pin-worthy, sharable, likable and gathering a large following. Well, actually my success as a blogger does depend on those things, BUT not my success as a living, breathing being. So while keeping all things in perspective I’d like to welcome you to not only my first post in ages, but my new site too. That’s right. I have navigated my way through a name change and in case you missed it,

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My Shining Year Hybrid Goal Planner

Welcome to Part Two of my Goal Planner For 2017 series. Last week I showed how I made myself a journal to use for the coming year with re-purposed materials. This week I’m going to take you through how I’m using the journal in conjunction with the Shining Year Life + Biz Goal Planner Workbooks 2017 by Leonie Dawson.

I bought the downloadable version of the planners because I knew I wanted to work her format into my own journal. A place where I would feel okay to do the writing I would need to do.

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How I Set Up My Goal Planning For My Shining Year AheadĀ 

Making a Junk Journal Planner


I’ve long had issues of resistance to using diaries and planners, but recently I stumbled upon a way of ‘writing it down’ that not only appealed to me in the first instance, but has consistently helped me to stay engaged with writing. You can read about it here. As 2016 is drawing to a close a lot of attention is turning to planners for the year ahead and I was hoping the right planner or journal would come to my attention now that I was feeling more confident in my writing skills .

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Using Gelli Prints to Collage a Peacock

It has been a few weeks since I created a completed art page in one of my journals so I set aside some time today to see if I could make something. The internet is a great source of inspiration and facebook in particular has a number of special interest groups dedicated to art journaling. You can be sure I have joined a couple of those groups, each with a different approach to prompts to get your mind into gear for creating. One group, Mission Inspiration, has a monthly ‘mission’

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When writing does not come easily.

I have a confession to make. Something that makes me feel strange to admit. I have an aversion to the physical act of writing. That’s right! A blogger that has no qualms about blogging word filled posts but has a resistance to picking up a real pen and adding her script to a piece of paper. I’ve got no idea where that resistance comes from or when it started. I’d feel somehow inadequate when ‘writing it down’ was a key to getting organised, achieving goals or self expression. Because I’ve muddled through most of my life with no real plan or goals except for ideas preserved in my head.

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