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Hello my arty crafty friends. It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. Too long if I was to believe that my success as blogger depended on being more consistent, pin-worthy, sharable, likable and gathering a large following. Well, actually my success as a blogger does depend on those things, BUT not my success as a living, breathing being. So while keeping all things in perspective I’d like to welcome you to not only my first post in ages, but my new site too. That’s right. I have navigated my way through a name change and in case you missed it,

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My Shining Year Hybrid Goal Planner

Welcome to Part Two of my Goal Planner For 2017 series. Last week I showed how I made myself a journal to use for the coming year with re-purposed materials. This week I’m going to take you through how I’m using the journal in conjunction with the Shining Year Life + Biz Goal Planner Workbooks 2017 by Leonie Dawson.

I bought the downloadable version of the planners because I knew I wanted to work her format into my own journal. A place where I would feel okay to do the writing I would need to do.

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Using Gelli Prints to Collage a Peacock

It has been a few weeks since I created a completed art page in one of my journals so I set aside some time today to see if I could make something. The internet is a great source of inspiration and facebook in particular has a number of special interest groups dedicated to art journaling. You can be sure I have joined a couple of those groups, each with a different approach to prompts to get your mind into gear for creating. One group, Mission Inspiration, has a monthly ‘mission’

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