Welcome to the first post of my new blog, In All My Glory!


I am Theresa and I live on an old farm, in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia. I am a maker of all sorts of things arty and crafty. Making and crafting has long been a part of who I am, right from when I was a young child. I’ve been blessed with a natural curiosity and ability to be able to pick something up and dissect the making of it. I love trying to figure out the process of how something is created and learning from others how they make what they do.


A crafting collection of dolls, flowers, lace and vintage finds.

I have at various times I have done sewing, embroidery, doll making, card making, and art journalling, among many other things. I like to surround myself with things I have made or altered, and handmade that I have purchased or have had gifted to me. My mother has a few of my bits and pieces I’ve made over the years throughout her home. In fact, she is also a maker just like me. I still have a dress she made for me when I was nine years old, and her most recent gift of a patchwork quilt for my 50th birthday. I most definitely inherited my interest to make things from her.


From my first attempt at quilting to my latest gifted quilt.

I’m also a gatherer of handmade things. I get a lot of joy from being gifted something handmade or buying something from another maker. I also surround my space with vintage and second-hand things too, as they remind me of times and places when a lot of everyday things were handmade, usually out of necessity. Yes, I am the one with a doilies everywhere, spilling out of shelves, boxes and nesting in spots all over my room. They remind me of my grandmother crocheting and her teaching me to embroider lazy daisies as an eight year old. And gifting something I have made myself is even better than the receiving.


Collage in my Art Journal

The making of stuff really puts me in a place where I’m in all my glory and this blog will be a collection of personal stories of my adventures of being a maker, and finding other makers out in my real world and through internet connections. I’m going to be writing about what I’m making, processes about why or how I am working and the odd tutorial or two. I’ll be heading out into my real life community and exploring other makers out there selling, teaching, showing or sharing. I’ll also be delving into the online community where there are so many opportunities to interact with teachers and groups from all over the world. Online courses, forums and social media groups are a terrific way of expanding knowledge and gaining inspiration.

If you want to come and join me in my makers adventure I’d love for you to tag along. I’ve sent a call out to my other subscribers on my old blog and if you did migrate over here I’d love to hear from you. Drop me  hello in the comment box.


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3 thoughts on “Blogging About Crafting – When I Am In All My Glory

  1. We share not only a common interest but so many similarities in our past. My mother sewed for me and I was fascinated by the process. I treasured the dresses she made and truly remember every one of them. We often chat about them. My grandmother was an avid crafter and she and I would go to the “dimestore” and select our craft for that visit and have the best of times creating together. So yes, crafting runs in my veins! I love your creations and all the heart that goes into them. We just connect, you and I, on so many levels and I’m blessed by that, dear friend!

    Posted on October 5, 2016 at 11:41 pm
  2. I’ve missed your inspiration Mistreez (you will be forever Mistreez in my head, sorry). Koffeekat (aka Cath)

    Posted on October 6, 2016 at 12:15 am
  3. Hi Theresa

    I am very happy to see you blogging again and I look forward to seeing what you are doing and hope to be inspired. Just love the bird collage in your journal.

    Posted on October 6, 2016 at 1:52 am