Month: November 2016

Using Gelli Prints to Collage a Peacock

It has been a few weeks since I created a completed art page in one of my journals so I set aside some time today to see if I could make something. The internet is a great source of inspiration and facebook in particular has a number of special interest groups dedicated to art journaling. You can be sure I have joined a couple of those groups, each with a different approach to prompts to get your mind into gear for creating. One group, Mission Inspiration, has a monthly ‘mission’

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Customising felt with Gelli printing.


Felt is a very versatile fabric for crafting with, but it does come in a narrow range of colour options and even less pattern options. Today I’m going to show you a quick and mess free way to customise your felt pieces with stencils and a Gelli Plate. Now, “mess” is a very subjective notion so before you proceed I’ll give you my definition of mess free before we get into the nitty gritty. I do not clean dry paint off the plate, it’s not necessary. I do not clean off my stencils,

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Little Snippets of My Maker Adventuring Through the Lockyer Valley

Happy colourful Springtime to all. Things are warming up in my part of the world and new energy is swirling around. Birds are nesting, the cows are calving, and the days are longer. And I have been a busy little bee. As I’ve been filling my days with arts and crafts and handmade I thought of a hundred stories I could have bought to the blog but too often I was caught up in the moment of just being. My muse has kept me busy,

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