Month: October 2016



A record of my Schmincke Desire, Acquisition and First Dips

I waited a long time to buy my first set of Schmincke watercolour pans. I was first made aware of them back in 2014 while doing an online course (Supplies Me!) with Jane Davenport. She made me aware of a whole lot of other art supplies too for that matter, but my means, like most, can be very limiting at times, so I put a set of these artist quality watercolours on my dream wish list. What I did buy two years ago was some good quality watercolour brushes and paper for the day I would get my paints.

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Presentation Inspiration For Small Handmade Gifts


Today on the blog I’m sharing with you a very simple idea for adding some pretty appeal to small hand made gifts, for giving or craft stall presentations. October is a busy month for many crafters as they start working on their holiday projects. It is also Breast Care Awareness Month, and since most crafters are traditionally women, this is a cause close to their hearts. So craft groups often get together to create something to support fundraising events or gifting items that patients and families can use. ¬†Each year I get involved in some way to make a contribution of hand made cards to one or two of the many events held specifically for Pink Ribbon causes.

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When writing does not come easily.

I have a confession to make. Something that makes me feel strange to admit. I have an aversion to the physical act of writing. That’s right! A blogger that has no qualms about blogging word filled posts but has a resistance to picking up a real pen and adding her script to a piece of paper. I’ve got no idea where that resistance comes from or when it started. I’d feel somehow inadequate when ‘writing it down’ was a key to getting organised, achieving goals or self expression. Because I’ve muddled through most of my life with no real plan or goals except for ideas preserved in my head.

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A Punch Art Chicken Tutorial Too!

Once upon a time, I was participating in a series of online cardmaking challenges, where a challenge would be issued to create a card with a nomimated theme or requirement, and then upload the finished card to an on line gallery. I’m a bit of a challenge hound, and I love sniffing out opportunities to participate in an on-line creative game with other like minded creative people.



One day a challenge was issued to make a card with featuring a chicken.

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