Month: September 2016

At the beginning of spring. the little country town of Laidley, in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, opens its doors for their Annual Spring Festival. There are open gardens, entertainments, floral art displays, fine art shows, and all manner of crafting to grab the attention of visitors. The open gardens are mostly accessible for a couple of weeks while the arts and crafts exhibitions, which are held in various locations throughout the town, are condensed into a four-day viewing.

The first time I went to the Laidley Spring Festival I went along to the Quilt and Craft Expo held in the Uniting Church,

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Welcome to the first post of my new blog, In All My Glory!


I am Theresa and I live on an old farm, in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia. I am a maker of all sorts of things arty and crafty. Making and crafting has long been a part of who I am, right from when I was a young child. I’ve been blessed with a natural curiosity and ability to be able to pick something up and dissect the making of it. I love trying to figure out the process of how something is created and learning from others how they make what they do.

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